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The Art Of EXotic Dance and Pole Dancing


Hello beautiful people! We are under construction at the moment. My sincere apologies for this and please contact us for any queries.
Welcome to The Art of Exotic Dance and Pole Dancing

 by Tasmania's Original "Queen of Tease", Sarah Muir! 

Sarah has been credited with kickstarting the Pole Dancing and Burlesque craze in Tasmania. 
Sarah has been teaching pole and exotic dance and fitness
since 2005.

As an Exotic Dancer Sarah found that she was the fittest, the strongest and happiest she had ever been with the shape of her body and her mental health.

'I used to stand at the back of the crowd and watch in awe whilst the Pole Performers wowed us with their poise, grace, strength, confidence, agility, and glowing muscle definition.

                                        Sarah is now teaching  

'The Art Of Exotic Dance and Pole Dancing' on her family s                                         farm inside her eclectic, boutique                                                                  Shearing Shed.

Please contact Sarah on 0408362778 to chat about what her studio has to offer.

     Hen's Parties, Bucks Parties, Pole Parties, Polexotic Dance Parties, 
 All Welome Team Building and Self Esteem Sessions.
Schools that invited Saea
Elizabeth College, Hobart College.Ogilvie, Claremont High, 

Alternatively drop an e-mail to [email protected] 

She's always up for a chat!
Sarah Loves her job!

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